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Everyone will tell you how your life changes after having children.  But what they don't tell you is how you might lose yourself in the process.  Fashion, hobbies, self care, all flew out the window for me.  Much like my handmade girls clothing was a reinvention of my creativity, I yearned for that reinvention of myself.  I discovered Chloe + Isabel - a jewelry and lifestyle brand based out of New York.  I was drawn to the way they encourage women to take charge of their lives and their style.  I signed up to be a merchandiser and fell instantly in love with the company's jewelry, their business practices, and how confident I felt wearing their pieces.

There are two ways to shop my jewerly

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    Not sure where to start??

    Not sure how to wear jewelry without feeling overdressed? Does the thought of accessorizing sound daunting? Feeling frustrated with your style? Download my FREE beginner's guide to a jewelry capsule and start adding more versatility to your wardrobe today!
    Interested in earning FREE jewelry?
    Host a party with me! No matter where you are in the country, gather your closest friends and family for a fun-filled and unique shopping experience.  Earn FREE jewelry and special rewards.  Contact me today and let's start party planning!

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    How about some extra spending money?
    Perhaps you feel like that student loan payment will NEVER go away.  Wondering how you are going to put the kids through college? Or perhaps it's just time to earn some extra money you can spend on yourself!
    Chloe + Isabel has not only changed my style, they are also giving me financial freedom and the ability to contribute to my family's amazing, creative life. I'm looking for business partners! Click here to learn more about the life-changing Chloe + Isabel opportunity and become the CEO of your own fashion business OR contact me and let's talk about your goals and future!

    Become the CEO of your own fashion business with Chloe + Isabel