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Welcome! About Duchess and Goose

Rachel Nevarez | Designer behind Duchess and Goose

Hello and welcome to Duchess and Goose.  My name is Rachel Nevarez.  I am a full time fashion designer and production manager in the face paced Los Angeles fashion district.  I am also a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a seamstress. I started Duchess and Goose as a creative escape; to break free from cookie cutter fashion and spend more time creating with my husband and two daughters.

Duchess and Goose started as a handmade girl's clothing line and has since branched into mommy and me fashion and lifestyle blog, an online shop, a jewelry boutique, and in person pop ups.  I am dedicated to helping you create your own unique personal style because getting you and your family ready for the day's adventures should be fun and hassle free.

Our handmade girl's clothing

Toddler girls wearing handmade modern smocked clothing by Duchess and goose

As a family, we create small batch, handmade infant and toddler clothing combining whimsical prints with unique smocking bringing you a rare and beautiful addition to your loved one's closet.  All lovingly handmade in California.

The family behind Duchess and Goose

Duchess & Goose Family Photo

I design, pattern, and sew all of our handmade items from the first snip to the last stitch. My husband, Jorge, comes from a family thats been in the pleating and stitching business for two generations. He handles the complex machinery and completes the technical steps that bring all of my pleating and stitching visions to life. Our two daughters help by picking their favorite fabrics, modeling my new designs,  and sorting thread and buttons on the side.

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Our jewelry

Duchess and Goose | Jewelry by Chloe + Isabel

Everyone will tell you how your life changes after having children.  But what they don't tell you is how you might lose yourself in the process.  Fashion, hobbies, self care, all flew out the window for me.  Much like my handmade girls clothing was a reinvention of my creativity, I yearned for that reinvention of myself.  I discovered Chloe + Isabel - a jewelry and lifestyle brand based out of New York.  I was drawn to the way they encourage women to take charge of their lives and their style.  I signed up to be a merchandiser and fell instantly in love with the company's jewelry, their business practices, and how confident I felt wearing their pieces.  See for yourself their unique designs in my online boutique.

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Our community

I want you to find your creative side, to invest in yourself, and above all to share these wonder ah-ha moments with me and others searching for the same! Let's connect on social media:

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