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The bond between a mother and a child is unlike any other and Mommy and me photo sessions give moms the opportunity to capture this special relationship with their child.  Sure you could take photos yourself, but you will spend all of your time behind the camera.  Typical of us mothers, we always put our kids ahead of us.  We make sure their dinner is served first, we tend to their needs before ours, and we highlight their achievements, often second guessing our own.  Life is too short and too precious to miss out on the opportunities we have to spend together.  When you and your children look back on your memories, will you see moments you spent together or will look back on only photos and videos of them?
That was harsh, I'm sorry, I don't mean to add to your mom anxiety, in fact, I only intend to help.  I'm here to make those moments that much more special with our handmade clothing.  It's filled my life with joy hearing my girls squeal at the idea that they get to "match mommy".  I purposely offer something unique to enrich your family's life and style.  Custom created styles in whimsical prints and colors adorned in delicate smocking that will make your heart patter with excitement.
The entire process is very special to me and my family and I want to give you those same warm and fuzzy feelings back.  Handmade markets, in person pop ups, and online conversations are some of my favorite interactions because it allows me to offer you a personalized shopping experience.  While most of the time I don't meet or even see the little ones my clothes are intended for, every now and then I get to see a mom's vision come to life.  The opportunity to see my garments in the settings I pictured them in is a dream come true.  Watching an idea in my head come to life and bringing fellow moms those same feelings of joy is priceless.  These are the moments that drive my creativity the most.  Sharing them with you and letting you know this is not only easy but very fun to do is even better!!
I am so excited to share with you one mom's beautiful mommy and me photo session, carefully curated and including our handmade smocked top and bubble shorts.
Meet Ashley, mom to Maleeya and Aulani, two sassy sisters and small shop lovers.  Ashley and I met at Pinner's conference back in mid April.  Ashley had signed up for a mommy and me mini photo session for Mother's day and was looking for outfits for her girls to compliment her dress.  She shared her two piece dress set, an off shoulder ruffle top and maxi skirt in a beautiful denim blue and a nature inspired print.  Her priority was to find outfits for the girls that would compliment her dress and make the whole session cohesive.  After shopping around, searching the racks, reviewing several options, and making sure we had all the proper sizes in stock, Ashley was overjoyed to pick our mustard smock top and bubble shorts.
Her session was just fabulous, see for yourself!
Mommy and Me photo session | Duchess and Goose handmade smocked girls clothing
Mommy and Me photo session with handmade duchess and goose girls clothing
Mommy and me photo shoot | Duchess and Goose handmade smocked clothing
Mommy and Daughter photo session | Duchess and Goose handmade smocked clothing
Toddler girl wearing handmade smocked top by Duchess and Goose
Ready to schedule your mommy and me photo session with your favorite photographer?  Need some ideas to get your creative juices flowing? Read through this blog, 5 musts for a magazine worthy photo shoot, and start planning! 
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