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Rainbows and unicorns, rainbow party food, rainbow cake - these were the elements that made up Kaliah's 2nd birthday party hand crafted and prepared by her mother Nili.  Join us as she shares her inspiration and watch her ideas come to life to make the most adorable birthday party.

Unicorn and Rainbow Girl's 2nd Birthday Party

I knew I wanted to do something really special for Kaliah for her second birthday.  She is my second child and my first daughter. She has an older brother so often tags along and does the type of things he is interested in.  I wanted to make this celebration all about Kaliah and do something much more traditionally girly for her party.

I scoured Pinterest to come up with the elements of the party and then came up with a few ideas of my own. When I started shopping for her party outfit, I came up short  on something special for the Birthday Girl that fit my taste.  Then by a stroke of luck, this lovely Duchess and Goose girls smocked dress with gold embellishments crossed our path.  It was the perfect combination of comfy, cute, and whimsical for this special day.


In planning the details and decorations, I tried to insert some pastel rainbows and whimsy into every element.  I made a rainbow cake inspired by this adorable Naked Funfetti Layer Cake.


I had been loving all the pastel rainbow decor I had been seeing online but didn’t want to pay the steep price tag for the chic look.  I opted to make my own.  The forty feet of pastel rainbow tassels decorating the gazebo were homemade for about 5 dollars in Pastel Tissue Paper, 25-Sheet Packs from the dollar store along with a super cute mini banner for the cake topper.  



I wanted to stay in theme for all the food and activities so we found little ways to insert rainbows, unicorns, and gold sparkle into every detail.


Rainbow sprinkles on the cupcakes presented on a golden cupcake stand (made from two dollar store plates hot glued and spray painted gold).



A rainbow fruit and veggie tray was a perfect addition!


Rainbow party favors were a snap!


Kaliah had the magical day I wanted her too!

For more ideas on how to throw your own adorable rainbow and unicorns party, check out my Pinterest vision board for this party that includes all my inspirations and tutorials from tons of other great crafter and moms.


Nili Goldfarb resides in San Diego with her husband and two kids.  She loves sewing, crafting, and playing roller derby.  

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