How to Wear Florals - 6 Blogger's Style Tips for the Freshest Way to Wear Florals


Spring is finally on the horizon and how do we know? Florals are popping up not only in our yard but in our clothes, shoes, and accessories.  And while florals in Spring may not be revolutionary, we share 6 fresh ways to add flowery prints to your wardrobe.
I think by now you've learned that I have an edgier look to all of my trends.  In fact, my take on this botanical look is a bit darker.  I'm wearing a black and purple chiffon dress, letting the all over floral dress be the main attraction.  Pair with a felt hat, boots, and tights to complete my black boho style.
How to wear florals | Rachel Nevarez Duchess and Goose
Chelsea also goes dark with her floral look, but in a fresh and monochromatic way.  She sticks to one color palette with her black floral kimono over black jeans.
How to wear Florals | Chelsea Rosy Point of view
Gabby uses her florals as the accessory to her look, pairing a simple denim blouse with fun and frilly flowery shorts. 
How to Wear Florals | Gift of Gabby
Jenna goes bold with her colors and larger floral prints, pairing  a perfectly adorable sheath dress with bright pumps in this summertime look.
How to wear florals | Jenna
Kattz played matchy-matchy and paired her blossoming ruffle dress with bright sandals making her minimal color palette be the highlight of her look.
How to wear florals | Kattz
Kelsi keeps it simple with a solid colored blouse paired with contrasting floral bottom and pulling it all together with a long pendant necklace.
How to wear florals | Kelsi
How are you wearing this beautiful botanical trend this Spring?

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  • Kelsi on

    I love your edgier look! ;)

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