Five Ways to Support a Small Business - When You Don't Have Any Money to Spend

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5 ways to support a small business when you don't have any money to spend
Hey I get it, we all are living within certain means.  Whether it be travel, finances, school, lifestyle, or family, we have priorities and it's not always shopping.  But spending money isn't the only way you can be supportive of your favorite small business.  In fact, there are plenty of ways to help us spread and word and grow our audience without spending any money at all.  Most take a mere seconds and you're most likely already doing some of them.  Here are five ways to support a small business when you can't spend a dime.
1. Engage on social media
With social media's algorithms ever changing - it can be really frustrating for a small business to feel like they are gaining any momentum these days - let alone ACTUALLY reaching their audience, even ones who WANT to hear from them.  But one thing that seems to be consistent among all the changes is that engagement significantly helps small business be seen and heard.  Here are a few ways to engage that we small businesses really appreciate.  Like and comment on a businesses social media.  Don't be shy, if something caught your eye, give them a like.  Did your favorite business share a moment you can relate to? Let them know with a comment.  If you have something nice to say - say it! We want to hear from you! 
5 ways to support a small business - engage on social media
5 ways to support a small business - comment and like on social media
2. Invite your friends to like our business's page
This can be as simple as tagging a friend in the comments of your favorite product, post, picture, or video.  Throw in a "hey [tagged friend] give this page I like, I think you will enjoy them as much as I do!  Whether your friend actually goes through with the like is out of our control, but do you know how much that means to me?!
5 ways to support a small business - like our business page
3. Tell your friends about us and our products
People are more likely to visit or even purchase from a store based on a friend or family members referral.  Sharing our products with them is a great way to support our small business.
5 ways to support a small business - tell a friend
4. Tag us!
Do you already own one of our products? Share it on your personal page and tag us! Maybe you don't own one of our products yet, but have your eye on a certain piece? Share a moment and talk about how we could be apart of it.
5 ways to support a small business - tag us
5. Share our videos and events.
Do we have an event coming up that you may or may not be attending?  At least tell us your are interested and share with your friends.  Perhaps someone will come along with you or maybe they can attend on your behalf.  Did we post a video you enjoyed  Sharing helps get in in front of other's eyes which supports us without barely lifting a finger.
5 ways to support a small business - share events
5 ways to support a small business - share videos
BONUS - Sign up for our newsletter
Stay in the loop with what we have going on by joining our newsletter.  Plus I can guarantee we are giving something away if you join (I give FREE shipping to all of my new subscribers).  We aren't Target or some other big name brand where we will send you an email 3x a day.  We understand the value of your time and space and let's face it, we're strapped for time too!  We like to share stories, important events, new products, and news about us and our businesses.  AND we love to hear back from you! Respond to our emails - I promise they will go to a real person.  Most likely you are following us because of the personal connection we share.  Stay in touch so when the moment is right and you can and want to purchase, it's easy and convenient for you.  You can join the Duchess and Goose newsletter below!
5 ways to support a small business - sign up for their newsletter
Tell me about your favorite small business and what you do to show your support in the comments below.

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