A Beginner's Guide to a Jewelry Capsule - with FREE workbook!

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A step-by-step beginners guide to building and actually wearing a jewelry capsule. Walk away with a simple template to plug in your existing pieces and start spending less time on what to wear and more time on getting on with your day.

How to Build a Jewelry Capsule + FREE workbook - a step by step guide to make easier decisions about what to wear for your everyday lifestyle

a FREE Step by Step workbook to build a jewelry capsule and improve your everyday style
How to build a jewelry capsule plus free workbook to improve your everyday style

I like templates - my life runs on templates. Today I'm going to share my template for a jewelry capsule. You may have heard of a capsule wardrobe. But do you know what it is and understand it's purpose is?

The term was created by Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique called "Wardrobe" in the 1970s. She defines a capsule wardrobe as "a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces."

What it is: core pieces that are versatile, timeless, and can be worn with other pieces in your closet.  What it is not: 10 pieces of clothing you have to mix and match for a month.

Now we're going to apply this same concept to your jewelry! You're going to create a template to make quick decisions about getting dressed in the morning for your everyday lifestyle. Thus, freeing up your brain power for more important thoughts. There really is only so much room up there and deciding on what to wear should not be taking up so much space.  But first, download your FREE workbook and follow along.

Now, you're either thinking two things: 1. I have so much jewelry, how could I possible cut it down to several pieces?? Or 2. WOAH - I barely own any to begin with, how am I going to create a capsule from next to nothing?! Either way, we're going to walk through this together and get you feeling good about this capsule, no matter how much or how little jewelry you own.

Step 1: Identify your lifestyle needs.

I created some basic categories below that suite multiple lifestyles. I want you to pick three and here's how. Run through what you do in a week. For example, I go to work Monday - Friday, though I work in a very relaxed environment, jeans and a tee shirts are perfectly acceptable work attire. I run most of the household errands; groceries, shopping, and get the kids to appointments. Our family spends our down time together at Disneyland, local events, and a bonus monthly date night with my husband. And that's pretty much my life. Therefore, my categories are: Day-to-day/kids, Fun, and Lounge. Doesn't mean that I never have to dress up for a meeting or a wedding, but for the sake of the capsule, my general lifestyle are those 3 categories.


  • Work: office, meetings, travel for work
  • Special occasion/Events: formal events, parties
  • Day-to-day/Kids: groceries, shopping, kid functions, errands
  • Fun: Date night, theme parks, restaurants, vacation
  • Lounge: work from home, movies at home, easy going dress code

If I'm missing a category that suits your lifestyle, go ahead and add one.

Step 2: Identify your style.

Chose what you are drawn to - jewelry always fits, there's no figuring out what style and color is best suited for your body type. But if you'd like to narrow down your choices further, Chloe + Isabel has 3 simple styles to chose from:

  • Chloe: the trendy fashionista - if you love hot trends, new styles, and never afraid to try something new, you are definitely a Chloe.
  • Isabel: the classic beauty - think timeless, simple pieces that can be dressed up or down and never go out of style.
  • Chloe-Bel: A Little of Both! Perhaps depending on what your wearing or depending on your mood, you like a little edge but also prefer a little timeless.

Step 3: Build your Capsule.

Sort through your jewelry box and ask yourself, 3 questions about each:

  1. How well does this fit into my categories from Step 1?
  2. Does it match my style from Step 2?
  3. How versatile is it? Does it mix and match well with other pieces?

Example: Perhaps you have these stunning royal blue tassel earrings. You love their pops of color and quirky design, they were perfect for that night in Vegas with your girlfriends. But 1: How well does this fit into my categories from step 1? My personal categories are day-to-day/kids, fun, and lounge. Those blue tassel earring would work for my "fun" category, but not so much for the other two.

2: Does this match my style from Step 2? My style is Isabel - the classic beauty, I love minimal, timeless pieces. Bright blue tassel earrings are definitely not minimal.

3: How versatile is it? While others may be OK wearing royal blue tassel earrings with any outfit they own, I personally like to coordinate colors, style, and mood with the occasion. I'd probably be uncomfortable if I forced myself to wear those earrings while grocery shopping or waiting for the kids to finish their swim lessons.

Therefore, the verdict: NO, these are not a valuable part of your capsule.

If you're stumped on any piece of jewelry, ask yourself, would I wear this right now, TODAY? All of the pieces in your capsule should make you feel confidant and comfortable and ready to wear at any given moment. If you are hesitant about any piece, it probably doesn't belong in your capsule. Doesn't mean you have to get rid of the pieces, it just means it's not a part of your jewelry capsule and most likely you're only wearing those royal blue tassel earrings to Vegas with your girlfriends.

Once you've sorted through your jewelry, run through those 3 questions until you've narrowed your selection to pieces that you can wear at any given moment.

Want to see the capsule in action? Download my FREE jewelry capsule workbook and see how to incorporate your new capsule into your everyday style!

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    This is brilliant. I love simple systems!

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