5 Musts For A Magazine Worthy Kids Photo Shoot

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5 Musts For A Magazine Worthy Kids Photo Shoot

You're staring at your photo wall and realize your last kid's photo shoot took place well before she even got her first tooth.  You'd love the opportunity to update the photos, but the task seems daunting.  What will she wear, how will you get her to hold still, smile, and can you do this without sweating for an hour straight?  I am here to tell you it is easier than you think and can even be fun!

Below are my five tips for creating create jaw dropping, magazine worthy photos that will make all your family members think you hired an entire crew of professionals.
Choose A Color Palette
Think about where these photos will live in your house.  Do you want them to stand out and make a statement or fit in with the decor? Are there other surrounding photos or furniture? What colors are those?  Are these seasonal photos or will they be on display in your house forever just waiting for the day when they embarrass your daughter on prom night.
Hop onto our Pinterest board "World of Color" and see if you find anything you like.  No? That's cool - search "color palette" and marvel at all the glorious colors options you get.
Here are some fabulous color palettes:
Kids Photo Shoot Color Inspiration by Duchess and Goose
Chose Your Clothing
Now that you have a color palette in mind, let's figure out what your little is going to wear.  I find that one of a kind and/or handmade pieces from your favorite shop make the photos feel that much more special and personalized.  Imagine telling your daughter years from now you found a custom outfit hand crafted by a mother just for her.   Select 3-4 pieces per child for your photo shoot.  Preferably pieces that can be mixed and matched to create additional looks.  I like a dress, a romper, a top, and either shorts or a skirt.  Even if you don't get to them all, you still have options.  My oldest has been known to decide she "doesn't wear dresses" seconds before I'm about to slip her into one - save your self the fight and the headache and come prepared with choices.
Chose Your Accessories
Next let's accessorize.  I like 2-3 pairs of shoes, 2-3 hair accessories and one piece of jewelry.  Select both colors from your palette and other colors that will compliment them.   Make sure the pieces are different from one another - don't show up with 3 pairs of sandals.  Bring a pair of boots, sneakers, and sandals.  Same with hair accessories, maybe one giant hair bow and maybe one smaller head piece.  Below are a few ways to mix and match your outfits and accessories.
Kids Photo Shoot Wardrobe Ideas by Duchess and Goose
Yes props - props are my favorite!! Not only do they enhance the photos, but they give your kids something to do during the shoot - yes props are the diversion to the fact that you are taking their picture!! They have fun, you get some amazing shots - it's a win win.  Start with what you have.  Is there a family heirloom you'd like to include? A rocking horse, ladder, or old trunk?  Maybe a favorite blanket or toy your child loves (preferably in line with your the colors you've carefully selected).   If you don't have anything eye catching and unique I suggest you head on over to IKEA because their stuff is cute, reasonably priced, and most likely you will use it again.
Add a pop of color with fake plants.  Small wooden crates can be used as furniture or background pieces, or create texture with a small rug.
Kids Photo Shoot Props by Duchess and Goose
Last but not least - don't ruin all your hard work by placing neutral colors against a bright orange back drop.  Remember that color palette we decided on? Go back to that, find a nice neutral color to compliment everything you just put together.  Avoid patterns, designs, images, and faux settings.  The focus should be on your child.  Simple, clean, and not too distracting.
The Finished Photo Shoot
 Kids Photo Shoot Mustard Girls Smock Top Rose Bubble Shorts by Duchess and Goose
Kids Photo Shoot Baby Girl Smock Bubble Romper by Duchess and Goose
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