5 Minimalist Jewelry Looks for your Simple Mom Style

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Lately my go to style has been the cliche "less is more".  Not intentional but rather sheer survival mode.  Time is very limited in my household lately and I don't have the luxury to make extensive decisions about my style.  I'd like to call it a minimalist look, but I think the term is really basic and plain.  In fact, I've created a drab, boring look that doesn't seem to have much thought put into it.
Sound familiar?
Let's take that drab and boring and adopt a true minimalist look.  Minimalist chic is about letting simple lines, shapes, and a small number of colors create the statement.  And no, you don't need more clothes to pull off this look, you need more jewelry.  Yes, even accessories play a role in minimalist dressing and can be worn in a way that makes you feel stylish and put together.  Here are 5 minimalist style tips to turn drab and plain mom into chic mom.
From stack-able rings, dainty bracelets and a stunning y-necklace, this set is sure to add just the right amount of color to any simple outfit.  Pair with plain tees and jeans for a day of running errands and chasing kids, then slip on a spaghetti strap dress and sandals for dinner out with the family, of if you're lucky, just your partner.
If all you managed to throw on today was a baggy sweater and some mom jeans, don't fret, we can still turn this look into something chic.  It's like you planned it all along! Best part, the three-row minaret necklace converts into three separate layers.  Wear each strand individually or mix and match lengths for a layered look.
Accessories aren't just for you neck, ears, and wrists - dress up your sloppy bun or side braid with one of these gorgeous, yet simple accessories by celebrity stylist Jen Atkins.
Add a smile and a little sparkle to you mom step with these minimal styles. Sleek curves, and simple sparkle make these pieces perfect for slipping on at the start of the day.  Never second guess if you look "OK", trust me, you'll look MORE than OK!
If your daily go-to is a tee shirt and jeans (ain't no shame!) then add a little spice with a layered look!  The plunging lines of the pendant necklace and y-necklace help add dimension and style to a simple tee.  The finishing details? Personalized stud earrings in the initials of your favorite Littles.  Perfect for your on the go lifestyle.
triangle pendant necklace | y-necklace | minimal chic mom jewelry
Not sure which look to start with? Does the thought of adding jewelry to your to do list sound exhausting? Download my FREE workbook and learn how to incorporate jewelry into your everyday style in 3 simple steps:
1. Identify your lifestyle
2. Identify your style
3: Build your capsule
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